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Certificates of Deposit

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Certificate Rates

  -Effective December 1, 2018 
 Certificate Term APY  Minimum Deposit 
 6 Month Certificate  1.256%  $500
 12 Month Certificate  1.004%  $1,000
 24 Month Certificate  1.510%  $2,500

APY = Annual Percentage Yield.  Early withdrawal penalties may reduce earnings.  Subject to change at any time.

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Certificates 101


A certificate is the perfect way to use your money knowing you'll be earning top dollar. A Members First Community Credit Union Certificate gives you an even better interest rate on your money than you would get in a savings account because we know that the money won’t be withdrawn for an extended period.

Certificates are often referred to as CDs, non-liquid accounts, or time deposits. Almost all banks offer certificates, but with a Members First Certificate, you'll get a rate of return that is far above industry averages.

A certificate is a very safe investment. Even if you need to withdraw the money before you expect, you won’t lose any of the principal that you invested.

Get Started today!

Tired of big bank certificate rates that earn almost nothing? Try the alternative — A Members First Certificate that gives you the returns you deserve. Pick your maturity date and start earning today!

We offer a variety of CD terms to fit your needs: 
  • 6 mo- $500.00 minimum
  • 12 mo- $1000.00 minimum
  • 24 mo- $2500.00 minimum

Swifty CD:

  • Ages: Birth-17
  • Term: 3 months
  • Min. to Open: $100
  • Maximum Limit: $500