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Special Shares

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Christmas ClubThe Christmas Club account will have you decking the halls stress free. This account allows you to set aside spending money for the holidays. Deposit a little or deposit a lot, and watch your savings grow over time. The Christmas Club Account can be opened with as little as $1, and your balance is transferred on October 15th each year to your Primary Share Savings account.







Vacation ClubSit back. Relax. You've earned a vacation! The Members First Vacation Club Account is your ticket to paradise. We offer Vacation Club Accounts to give you a little help in meeting those special "getaway" savings goals. With our Vacation Club Accounts you can easily set aside money to keep for those expenses without being tempted to spend! 







Matrimoney AccountA Matrimoney wedding registry account gives family and friends a convenient and secure method to give cash gifts to brides and grooms.

Members can open a Matrimoney account at any Member First branch.

When you open a Matrimoney account, you’ll enjoy:

  • Free wedding registry cards for your announcements and invitations
  • No minimum balance requirement to earn dividends
  • No monthly service fee
  • Make deposits, withdrawals or transfers at any time
  • NCUA insurance


Family and friends wishing to deposit funds into a Matrimoney account, may do so by visiting any Members First branch or mailing a check to 1201 N 24th St, Quincy, IL 62301.





No minimum balance required on Special Share accounts

Max 6 Debit Transactions per Month*

*Federal regulations limit pre-authorized withdrawals or transfers from your savings account to six (6) per month. Limited pre-authorized transfers and withdrawals include checks, drafts, debit card or similar order, systematic savings plans, sweep service, telephone and Internet banking transfers. Transfers and withdrawals made in person, by messenger, by mail, at an ATM, to loans at the same institution or to another depositor at the same institution are unlimited.