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Community Partner Employee

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Thank you for your interest in Members “First”!

Members “First” is a full service, community development financial institution. We offer a variety of products and services designed with you, the member in mind. To become a member one must live or work in Adams, Brown, Pike or Schuyler County. If an immediate family member is a member one would also qualify, and then once a member always a member.

Members “First” has built relationships with our Community Partners, including your employer. As a Community Partner Employee, enjoy these perks along with our additional Members “First” perks!
  • Employee Perks
    • Pay No Entrance Fee ($5 Savings!)
    • Loan Discounts
    • $25 Refer A Co-Worker Incentive
    • Free Credit Report Review at Account Opening
  • Financial Education
    • Access to Members “First” Education Series
    • Access to Greenpath Financial Wellness