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At Members "First" you are more than a number and Your Story is Our Story.
Ashley Loan Team
Story #1
When applying for a small personal loan, a member of our lending team noticed Member had two vehicle loans financed at other financial institutions.  By refinancing them at the credit union we were able to save Member over $12,000 in interest and cut their interest rates from 28% to 9.99% and 17% to 9.99%.  So we not only helped the member out with their personal loan needs, but helped save them money and time over the life of their other loans.
Story #2
At account opening Ashley reviewed a new member's credit report with them.  In doing so, she looked at the member's current auto loan.  The member was paying 23.5% APR vs our rate which could have been 9.99% APR and they owed almost $8000 more than it was worth.  Giving them two loan options we were able to finance the vehicle and save them almost $100 per month in payments and they no longer owe the sub prime lender!
Story #3
Member came in regarding a pre-approval offer for our credit card.  Ashley reviewed his credit report and found out they had a vehicle loan they had been paying on for five years at 21.4% APR, while we could give him 10% APR.  By refinancing the vehicle over to the credit union we saved them almost $3000 in interest over the life of the loan and around $134 a month in saved in payments will be over $5600!  BONUS!  Their direct deposit comes to the credit union and they were very excited to find out we could take the payment directly out!

Story #4
Member came to us with almost $30,000 in credit card debt.  Had they continued to pay their six cards at their minimum payment, they would have paid almost $47,000 in interest and it would have taken them between 16 & 21 years to pay them in full.  With a debt consolidation we saved them almost $42,000 in interest and they will be paid in full in 3.5 years.  6 months after the loan was taken out, we ran their credit report to see where they were and their score had increased by 50 points, they had 99% capacity available, and their unsecured debt ratio went from 57% to 40%!  

Story #5
Member came to Lindsey after they had an accident and their vehicle was considered a total loss.  By covering their vehicle with our GAP insurance we were able to help get them into a new car now even though the insurance hasn’t fully processed.  BONUS!  Because of their raised credit score we were able to finance a 2 year newer vehicle at a lower interest rate, keeping their payment the same!

Lindsey Loan Team
Amber Loan Team
Story #6
Members needed a new vehicle.  With limited credit, collections, and not long job history they felt they did not qualify.  Our Fresh Start Auto Program was a perfect fit for this couple.  With our program we were able to get them their vehicle, while added security on the loan with the GPS tracker.  With the payment amount they requested they were able to pay the vehicle off in less than two years.  They have since taken out several loans and referred others to the credit union.  
Story #7
In refinancing a members auto loan we were able to consolidate their debt of four credit cards totaling around $19,000.  They are saving over $200 each month on their payments and will have all the debt paid off in 3 years or less.  Without paying off those credit cards they would continue to pay on them for years to come at a much higher interest rate then what were able to give them.  

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