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VISA Prepaid Debit

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The Prepaid Reloadable VISA Cards are NOT Debit Cards because they are not linked to any sort of checking or savings account. It is not a Credit Card, as the funds that can be spent on the card are the funds added by the cardholder.

Our Prepaid Reloadable VISA Cards must be ordered for our Members. It will be mailed directly to the Member, and should be received within 7-10 days of purchase. The card is embossed with the Member’s name. This card is more secure, and it is a convenient way to carry funds as opposed to cash or their debit/credit cards.

Access Limits:

Daily Limits

-$10 MIN and $5,000 MAX, when reloading at the Credit Union

-$10 MIN and $2,500 MAX, when reloading on

Signature POS

-Daily Limit: 25 transactions or $5,000 per day


-Daily Limit: 25 transactions or $1,500 per day

Cash Advance

-Daily Limit: 2 transactions or $1,000 per day

ATM Withdrawals

-Daily Limit: 10 transactions or $310 per day


$10 Fee for Purchase

Refund/Unload: $15

Replacement: $5.00

Service Fee: $1.75

International Transactions: 2% of transaction amount

Reload: $0.50

ATM Withdrawal: $1.50

Inactivity: $3 monthly fee after 3 consecutive months of non-usage

Spending Restrictions:

-$10 Fee for new card

-All internet gambling sites are RESTRICTED

-Car rentals, Hotels, Cruise ships and Hotel affiliations (gift shops, restaurants, etc.): 15%, 5-day business hold

-Pay at the Pump: $75 pre-authorization

-Restaurants & Bars: additional 20% for gratuity pre-authorization

-Taxi Cabs & Limos: 20% pre-authorization

-Beauty, Barber shops, Health & Beauty Spas: 20% pre-authorization

Consumer Card Access Site:

For our Members to access their account online, they must go to then, they must enter their 16-digit card number.

-Manage Accounts: update cardholder information

-Card Activity: list all transaction activity

-Statement: made available on a monthly basis

-Change PIN: must know previous PIN

-Change Password: changes password for online account

-Card Funding: loads funds using a Debit or Credit Card

-Alerts: set them up via text or email

-Card Activation: activate replacement cards for lost/stolen cards

-Card Controls: suspend or reactivate cards

-ATM Locator: locate surcharge free ATMs

-Reload Locator: locate VISA ReadyLink locations (cash only)

-Initiate Disputes

CU Money Mobile App:

Cardholders can go into their Android or Apple Store, search for CUMONEY and download the Free App. The cardholder will have to enroll, create an account ID, and password. Once their enrollment is complete, they can sign in and begin managing their account.

-Transactions: view all transactions and balances

-Locator: find nearby VISA ReadyLink locations (cash only)
-Account: settings, help, change password, and logout options

-Card Controls: suspend and reactivate cards

-Set Alerts

-Load Money:

*Debit or Credit Credits (funds available immediately)

*Load Checks (normal check clearing time or option to expedite load for a small fee