Our Members First Team

To contact a member of our team: 

Dial: 217.223.4377 or Toll Free: 888.221.6328


For the Members "First" Insurance Center  (Verification of Insurance):

Dial:  1-800-476-7330  or Fax:  1-913-268-3178

Management Team

Teri McEwen
Extension 302
E-mail Teri

Trish Doyle
Vice President
Extension 201
E-mail Trish

Lending Team

Lindsey Kramer
Lending Manager-Consumer NMLS #1166293
Extension 203
E-mail Lindsey

Amber Sunde
Loan Officer-Mortgage NMLS# 1002408
Extension 304
E-mail Amber

Ashley Cornwell
Loan Officer-Consumer NMLS #1406457
Extension 203
E-mail Ashley

Patty Davis
Loan Officer-Consumer NMLS #1405265
Extension 324
E-mail Patty

Back-Office Team

Melissa Clopper-Lord
Business Development Rep
Extension 202
E-mail Melissa

Teri Sue Grotz
Member Solutions
Extension 301
E-mail Teri

Doug Burdic
Extension 311
E-mail Doug

Nichole Baucom
Credit/Debit Card Rep
Extension 214
E-mail Nichole

Ashley Sprinkle
Member Solutions
Extension 309
E-mail Ashley

Front Line Team

Kim Harden
Member Service-New Accounts Rep
Extension 306
E-mail Kim

Tara Hinckley
Member Service Rep
Extension 307
E-mail Tara

Ashley Venice
Member Service Rep
Extension 220
E-mail Ashley

Ginger Dedert
Member Service Rep
Extension 215
E-mail Ginger

Maria Goehl
Member Service Rep
Extension 219
E-mail Maria

Megan Griffin
Member Service Rep
Extension 307
E-mail Megan

Cathy Boren
Member Service Rep
Extension 216
E-mail Cathy

Karen Fischer
Member Service Rep
Extension 217
E-mail Karen

If your Visa Debit Card has been lost or stolen after business hours please call 1-800-500-1044. If your Visa Credit Card has been lost or stolen after business hours please call 1-800-322-8472. Once reported, please contact the credit union the following business day, Thank You.