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Preferred Partners

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Being a Preferred Employer Partner is a free, local benefit to offer to your employees. We are committed to being a resource for our partners, helping you help your employees. MFCCU will consistently work to build and grow a financial relationship with your employees, as well as you being the employer.

Members “First” Community Partner Perks Include:
  • Employee Perks
    • Pay No Entrance Fee ($5 Savings!)
    • Loan Discounts
    • $25 Refer A Co-Worker Incentive
    • Free Credit Report Review at Account Opening
  • On-Site Visits
    • Benefits Fairs
    • Staff Appreciation Days
    • New Employee Orientation
    • Partner Celebrations
  • Financial Education
    • Provide materials for distribution to staff through your preferred communication channel
    • Create and Provide custom financial resources on-site
    • Access to Members “First” Education series
  • Give Back Opportunities
    • Assist with or provide giveaways for our Partners charitable causes
  • Recognition
    • Listed on our website as a Community Partner with a link to your site
    • Quarterly presence as a featured Community Partner

Interested in becoming a Preferred Employer Partner? Get Started Here.